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Welcome to Digital Deseret!

This site is my presence on the internet, and you will find in this and subordinate sites collections of poetry, images, life notes, doctrinal comments, and whatever else seems to belong here. I create ... I have created and managed 100s of websites over the last 14 years - intranets, corporate websites, political campaign websites, webs for friends and family, and finally, here I am with the time to build some just for me: about the things on my mind and in my heart.  YAY FUN! I belong ... I seriously want you to know that I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I have a bunch of entries for this collection of sites that may be of interest to other members of the Church.  As well, whether or not you are of the LDS persuasion, I want to share with you what’s on my mind, and what’s been on my mind much of my life - the eventual salvation and exaltation of you and yours, of your neighbors and friends, of your acquaint-ances and fellow workers. and of myself and all of mine, of my neighbors and friends, of my acquaintainces and fellow workers.

Android is my friend ...

I eventually will offer for download Android apps I have created, that may be of particular interest to an LDS audience.  It’ll be a while before I decide whether to do this, but just the same, it’s on my mind. Java is my cup of postum ... And don’t feel bad if you don’t know what that is ... even younger LDS for the most part don’t know what Postum is.  But, it’s good if prepared right, and it’s not coffee or tea, and not like anything else even remotely chemically similar in its effect.  It just tastes good, and warms ya up. One last note ... I reserve the right to change the appearance, structure or content at any time, without advance notice.  Here’s hopin’ that’s OK by you - and, if not, please give me feedback so I can understand what’s written on your heart ... Oh and pay no attention to the cute little bees or the truly explosive POW! (a sound, silly, not a prisoner of war) on this page - I’ve always wanted to put those on a website, and could never come up with a way to justify it.  Just ... thanks for letting me vent one of my inner frustrations. Oh and that big cow?  That’s a shout out to my (first of five kids, grown up, moved and married) daughter Allyson, who likes all things cow and West Yellowstone.
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