September 7-8, 2018: It was Time to Celebrate !


50 years had gone by since we graduated from Davis High School - that was just a few years ago, right ?

On those two days, we all just wanted to come have a great time and create some great new memories with friends new and old.

Lots of fun, great memories! You may never see some of these friends ever again, but you have pictures to remember them by forever and ever ...

Saturday Pix

The Davis High Class of '68 Reunion took place over 2 days, September 7th and 8th, 2018.  Because we really like each other, it was a total blast.  Want pics of the Saturday night dinner?.

Lost Your Yearbook?

It happens to all of us - so take a minute to browse our senior yearbook, supplied online via your totally presh 50th year reunion committee!


We're not likely to forget any of you, on this side of the veil or the other … especially those who have passed away, and or are veterans.  Come see our springboard to this kind of information.

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