Police, Fire and and Public Works Department

I want to give thanks to the efforts of the Layton City Police Department, the Layton City Fire Department and our Public Works Department, all of which serve and tirelessly protect us.

These outstanding men and women serve us at a moment's notice in all kinds of situations. It is because of their service that we enjoy a high degree of safety and security within our city.


The safety, scurity and educational options of the children in Layton are some of my top priorities. It is important that our children can get to school safely.

I am committed to work with our school district, city staff and local officials to ensure that the number of crosswalks near our schools are adequate and fully staffed.

I completely endorse the DARE program that teaches students the importance of staying away from drugs.

I will continue to support RADkids, which is a program run by the Layton City Police Department and teaches, trains and empowers children with skills to combat potential harm or violence they may encounter. I also fully support the numerous schooling options Layton offers for our children, such as the public, charter and private schools. As your elected representative, I will continue to champion these important topics for our Layton children

Performing Arts

The Davis Arts Council is a fantastic organization in our community that has done an outstanding job promoting local and national talent. I have had the privilege of being a liaison to this organization as a Layton City Councilwoman and volunteer numerous hours during the performance season.

As a result, I would like to make certain that we continue to enhance our performance facilities and support a feasibility study for an indoor performance center. However, these improvements would not only be for current performing acts to use. It would be amazing to see programs to train up and coming artist in our very own community.

Layton as a Destination Place

Layton has many things to offer that make us a unique community. Two years ago I championed starting Layton F.E.S.T (Farmers, Entertainment, Shopping, Trucks) as a way to bring citizens and commerce together at Layton Park.

Last year I spearheaded our own Layton Electric Light Parade, which is a non- motorized pedestrian parade on July 24th for everyone to participate. The only requirement is to illuminate your self or a float that you can push, pull or roll as long as it’s family friendly. I would also like to see colorful lights under our overpasses as drivers come through Layton for the major holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, July 4 and Veterans Day.

Layton Commons Park is the scene of the delightful Christmastime tradition where our community has an opportunity to enjoy either driving through or walking around the spectacular Christmas lights and music. I would like to expand this tradition over the next few years and work towards making a more interactive way for residents to feel further connected with our wonderful community. It is my desire that together we can work to improve upon and create family friendly events where residents can get to know each other in a fun and enjoyable setting

Parks and Recreation

Layton has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Utah.

Our community would benefit from a plan to develop some of the open space into recreational areas for soccer, football, lacrosse or baseball fields. As a result, we would be able to host more tournaments which would put Layton on the map as the premier destination for sporting events thus bringing greater tourism and economic development to our area.

Pickleball is another sport that has gained popularity. I would like to work towards developing more courts both indoors and out for the pickleball players in our community. Making sure our citizens have access to recreation activities is of the utmost importance to me.

Additionally, Layton has some great programs through our Parks and Recreation Department that has many activities for our residents. Examples of these programs include Arts in the Park, gymnastics, tennis, swimming and skateboarding. Let’s continue to support these programs and look at finding even more classes that would encourage our residents to participate. These wonderful organizations are a great way for the citizens of Layton to participate and become involved in the community!


R.A.M.P. ( Recreation, Arts, Museums and Parks) refers to the tax initiative our voters approved in November of 2015. I championed this initiative along with a group of dedicated citizens to educate and help pass this taxation. The purpose of R. A. M. P. is to receive one penny in retail (excluding grocery) sales tax on every ten dollar purchase.

The money is then collected each year and directly invested into Layton City through a grant process. It can only be spent in four areas: Recreation, Arts, Museums or Parks.

R. A. M. P Commissioners then review the grant requests each year and make recommendations to the City Council on what projects should be funded. The five at-large Commissioners are Layton citizens like you, who act upon our best interest and serve our city well.

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